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Track Name: Buried
Imagine if we were young again
Imagine if we were young again

If we could be safe and free again
We could just live to breathe again

No more lowly entropy
And no more lonely lies
No more standing naked
For a thousand leering eyes

I know your anger dear
I know I've made you cry
I blame our complications
On all I've kept inside

No more crushing burden
No more smiling face
One moment in a lifetime
Nothing that I would replace

I know your anger dear
I know I've made you cry
I blame our complications
On all I've kept inside

Imagine if we were young again
Imagine if we were young again

I'd praise your being there
I'd raise this heart to thrive
I'd call a truce just this once
If you will stay alive

I blame our complications
On all I've kept inside
Track Name: Long Goodbye
Never was a city that could be raised above a flood
Never was a tough guy liked the sight of his own blood
And I never thought I'd say this but I think I am in love
This feeling's new excuse me, I need to get caught up

It wakes me up every single night
It's enough to make a bastard cry
Oooh, ooh, la la la la la la la
Just sitting on my ass and waiting for the long goodbye

All the plastic bottles meet in the middle of the sea
They're gonna stick around this place a lot longer than me
When a spotlight shines down on them, directly from the sky
It's ray refracts a million times inside your little eye

If you're lost, you can call me anytime
I'll clone your heart anew inside of mine
Oooh, ooh, la la la la la la la
Pinching a nerve and flicking off the long goodbye
Blue in the face from cursing out the long goodbye

You live a litte while but don't try to push your luck
It's a Sisyphean clusterfuck and it only happens once
Mark that page and plant a tree, plant a kiss on your loved one
Tonight we laugh, tomorrow, who knows
That's how the job gets done

Stand up straight and look me in the eye
You can hear it said just so many times
Oooh, ooh, la la la la la la la
Watching as the world turns, living with the long goodbye
Watching as the world turns, laughing with the long goodbye
Track Name: PsyKlone
My prick told my heart
My heart told my head
My head told my mouth to make this noise
A-how how how

Yippee kaye-aye, yippee kaye-aye ay
This is what I gather all the cowboys say
A flying fuck

Goodnight, my sweet one
Goodnight to thee
Track Name: Last Rocket To Mars
I'll wait forever
How long will that take?
Heart's been working so hard
It could use a break

You fell out of love with me
And bought a new pair of jeans
Some girls have all the luck
And don't need anyone
Sounds like a lot of fun
I think I'm getting on

On the last rocket to mars
To go home

Look at you
Cowboy boots
I know they don't come cheap

Look at you
Astronaut suit
I need some room to breathe
Track Name: The Amazing Madame X
The chous reads: gonorrhea, gonorrhea
Track Name: A Race of Atomic Supermen
Oswald caught a bullet
Castro wore a grin
Norma jean was dead
Another angel on the pin

You either have to kiss me
Or call the CIA
A million people watching
But they didn't see a thing
Track Name: Bungled & Botched
We're the ones who get pushed under the subway
We're the ones who eat the bad beef
And we're the ones whose dosage is lethal
We spill the coffee
The bungled and the botched

Some of us were destined for greatness
Some of us lock the keys in the car
Some of us try to touch the 3-D movie
So pathetic it's almost groovy
The bungled and the botched

Plastic surgery turns ugly
Power lines mutate the kids
Golf clubs struck by lightning
We run on empty

We watch satellite TV
We're that tacky tragedy
Slit our wrists for fun
On empty we run

How could I forget
We're the bungled and the botched
No further questions, your honor
Track Name: Devil's Due
He said, "I'm leaving here today and I ain't ever coming back"
To which the foreman replied, "Son, where's the fire at?"
You work like an animal all your life, in time it's what you become
So take this job and shove it where your daddy used to cum

"Boy," declared the foreman. "The heat has fried your brains"
"It's true," said the man. "Now why don't you call me by my name"
In the abattoir

A stench swirled in the air around a sluggish
He found a cudgel with his eyes and he snatched it with his hands
The foreman drew his pistol in the stillness of the pit
"Goddamn you," said the foreman. "I'll roast your children on my spit."

The man stood firm and fast, his club made a doubtless case
The foreman would have it soon applied across his face
In the abattoir

"There's precious little soul left in my melting frame."
He said again, "Now go with God but first pronounce my name"
The sullen sows in mortal fear raised an inhuman cry
And abattoir was glistening from sty to bloody sty

A twitch in the foreman's arm replied with little grace
Though the man a moment stood, he fell flat on his fucking face
In the abattoir

With a cackle and a snort, the foreman grimly said
"You served me well in life, now you'll feed my hogs in death"
In the abattoir
Track Name: Wickedness in Heaven
A liberal utopia
No castes without outcasts
Utopia for a race of devils

I come not bringing peace
Spiritual decadence
Wickedness, wickedness in heaven
I come bearing a sword

Masses are not divided
China, Haiti, Congo
Libido of the proletariat

Welcome to the Apothocene
Track Name: Trapped Forever in the Shadow Universe
The pattern of self-destruction
Has become tedious and moreover, a crutch
I won't deceive myself into believing it's anything more profound

All the sad young things waking up numb
I'm tired of waking up tired

Piling shame upon shame and waste upon waste
It's become an excruciating effort to carry on this way
Someone to be apologized for and quickly dismissed
It's become an exhausting burden to carry on like this

Jesus Christ, I made mistakes
I got so scared I ran away
The positive power of self-disgust
This time it might be enough
Track Name: Last Survivor
You were only seventeen
When you dowsed the world in gasoline
Embers in the ashtray
Held them to your lips and blew them away

Young hearts weakened by the night
Dreaming of the afterlife
Still they look you in the eye

Clocks, skulls and candles snuffed
Cell phones and bubblegum

Young hearts rust
Rags and sawdust
Last survivor

Two hearts beat in double time
Two hearts beat against each other
One life bleeds into another

Doesn't matter how you feel
When you're handcuffed to the steering wheel
Track Name: Alex
Alex, why do you insist on
Talking about things we both missed out on
I never crushed on a blond before
Alex, why are you so hard to ignore

Alex, why

We sit on the barren crest
I look at you, you look unimpressed
You've seen a lot, have you seen it all?
Alex, why are you so hard to resist

Alex, why

Alex, why do telephones ring
If no one dares to say anything
I know the chase is better than the catch
I know it sucks but I've grown attached
Track Name: The Centaur
The power of 16 horses
Tilling up earth beneath our feet
Wild manes whipping in the breeze

Becoming a myth of speed and strength
Lit by the spark of a fuse
Chasing three ships leaving Spain

Down the road invented
In the glow of hearts electric
Ride the double helix
To the impossible Eden

Beyond the eyes of death
Circling in black pools
Stealing little pieces our machines replace

Behind the gates of reason
The drums are not yet stilled
Three ships smash their prows