Wrong Dog

by White Dog

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released March 1, 2016



all rights reserved


White Dog Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Cold Six
It's just logic 101
Cold six
What happens when you play with guns
Cold six

Be it on your head
Track Name: Paint My Skull
Waiting on a doom ship with hell in the hold
Bark orders to gun thugs getting paid off in dope
Praying's for cowards low on ammunition
Dig in your heels and light the midnight sun

Paint my skull
Paint my skull

Cash on the barrel for each bastard's head
Burn what can't be sunk, nothing left for the Feds
A toothpick, a carbine, the black thunder rolls
Anon, comes a doom ship with hell in her hold

Paint my skull
Paint my skull

Muzzle flares cast shadows rare
Pylon shrapnel, teeth and hair
That penthouse in the sky awaits
Reload before the second wave
Cops tipped off block all escape
Get home in time to catch the game
Fuel like raindrops hard and black
Nothing burns like smuggler fat
Track Name: Puritan
Pure as driven snow
Rigid as a cage is
It's all we know, it's all we know

Hark to the puritan

I reject your definition
And substitute my own
Nothing is denied me
In this free zone
Track Name: Z-Rats
Prototype community
In a geodesic dome
Enterprise, ingenuity
A paradise in chrome

Great big beautiful tomorrow

Carousel of progress
Shapes a world for each citizen
Comfort, commerce and tranquility
Let the century begin

Great big beautiful tomorrow